Welcome in the Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Provost, the members of the Noble Brotherhood
and the pastoral team of the Basilica of the Holy Blood
wish you a warm welcome to the website.

Following the Coronavirus measures, all celebrations of the Eucharist and the Venerations of the Holy Blood are suspended from until April 19 – 2020

Opening hours:
9h30-12h30 and 14h00-17h30

Basilica: free of charge
Treasury/Museum: Tickets:
ndividual € 2,50
groups (min. 15 persons) € 2,00
The basilica and the museum are exceptionally closed:
- on the 1st of January 2020
- from January 13, 2020 to January 18, 2020

Every day, also on Sunday and Holydays, at 11h00 except Monday.
Priests visiting Bruges are cordially invited to concelebrate.
Groups are invited to join us during our services.

Veneration of the Holy Blood relic:
Every morning 11h30 till 12h00 (at Fridays and Sundays after 11h00 Mass)
and every afternoon from 14h00 till 16h00.

Every Wednesday from 10h00 till 11h00


Festival of the Holy BloodMonday 4 May 2020

11h00: Festive eucharist in honour of the Holy Blood -  Choir: “Sanguis Christi”

Week of Prayers: 17 May – 24 May 2020

11h00: Opening celebration -
Choir: “Piuskoor Aardooie”

Monday 18 May
11h00: Eucharist

Tuesday 19 May
11h00: Eucharist

Wednesday 20 May
10h00: Adoration of the Sacred Sacrament
19h00: Eucharist in preparation of the Procession
Choir: “Sanguis Christi”

Thursday 21 May– Ascension Day
9h00: Eucharist in the Basilica
10h30: Solemn transfer of the Relic to the Cathedral
11h00: Eucharist in the Cathedral,
celebrated by the Bishop of Bruges
14h30: Procession www.bloedprocessiebrugge.be
17h45: Benediction with the Relic on the Burg Square

friday 22 May
11h00: Eucharist
Choir: “Sanguis Christi”

Saturday 23 May
11h00: Eucharist – Organ Mass with titular organist Eric Hallein
17h00: Concert with the “Vocal Ensemble Adriaen Willaert” and organist Eric Hallein – tickets €10

Sunday 24 May
11h00: Closing celebration
Choir: “Overijssels Byzantijns Mannenkoor”

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