The old myths tell of existential matters concerning the life of man.

The paradise, the banishment of Adam and Eve, the fratricide :
The creation was entrusted to man by God. By serving the Creator he preserves and protects creation. He gives names to all creatures and, in doing so, he becomes fellow-creator with God. But man is at the same time good and bad. The gratest sin is the pride from which envy and quarrelling originate. Because evil is rooted in man, he passes his life seeking for happiness, peace and the meaning of his existence. He is looking for lost paradise …

Erring man : Invited by God, Abraham departed from his country for a strange, but better land to begin his life anew. Abraham let himself be led by God, in whom he trusted : it’s the Covenant of God with his people.

The outcast man becomes the savior.

Joseph, his father Jacobs’ favourite son, was sold by his brothers : since humanity exists, people leave their “brother” behind. Some do not even shrink from killing their kinsmen. Joseph, promoted Pharao’s adviser, became his brothers’ savior when they were driven to Egypt by hunger. In this way, Joseph is the prefiguration of Jesus Christ, who, as outcast, brings new life to humanity.

Troughout the history prophets appear who bring to our memory Gods’ mission and the most fundamental rules of our life, viz. respect of life, justice, love for and trust in God