For about 750 years the population of Bruges and its neighbourhood faithfully and intensively venerates the relic of the Holy Blood.The Noble Brotherhood of the Holy Blood, being aware of the importance attached by the inhabitants of Bruges to their relic, made in the course of centuries every effort to keep up the tradition.

The relic of the Holy Blood is displayed each day from 2 pm to 3 pm, to be venerated.

This age-old practice reaches a peak on Ascension Day : Bishops and prelates carry the shrine in the streets of the city on occasion of a solemn and colourful procession of more than 1800 actors.

Each year 50.000 pilgrims are present at this original event.


Your Precious Blood reminds us of your suffering, your death and resurrection.
You relieved us of a nonsensical life and of an eternal death.
Give courage to those who bow down under oppression.
Give life to those who are living an empty life.
Give strength and resistance to those who work for peace and security.
Revive the fire of love among men and the flame of unity and tolerance among Christians.

Your Precious Blood reminds us of the New alliance between God and men.
It is the sign of your liking for us.
May this alliance grow every day.
Open my heart and my mind for every man You put on my road.
That Your Precious Blood give me the courage to bear witness to God.